Sand Removal To Recommence At Cowes Boat Ramp

Bass Coast Shire Council is set to recommence sand removal works at the Anderson Road Boat Ramp in Cowes.

The area has recently experienced a higher than normal rate in sand accumulation, resulting in a large build-up of sand on the boat ramp surface.

The rate of build up has exceeded the volume capable of removal under the regular sand maintenance program.  As a result, Council has arranged specialist excavation machinery to commence works early during the week of Monday, 28 October.

Council’s Environment Manager, Alison Creighton said from time to time, various locations along Phillip Island’s north shore are subject to episodes of significant sand accumulation, like we’ve seen recently at the Cowes Boat Ramp.

“Many other areas along the coast have been subject to a lot of wave erosion and sand loss lately.  Some of this sand has ended up on the Cowes Boat Ramp,” Ms Creighton said.

“Council has an ongoing sand maintenance program at the boat ramp where an excavator takes sand from the ramp at low tide and deposits it on the beach below the high water mark, about 70 metres to the east.

“Unfortunately, due to the current increase in sand volume we need to introduce an excavator with a larger capacity.

“This machine could not be used over the last week due to poor weather, but it will be on site shortly”.

Ms Creighton said it was the natural process for currents to move sand from west to east along the shoreline, so the boat ramp clearing process is designed to work with nature.

“We are not taking any sand from the area, we are simply bypassing the boat ramp,” Ms Creighton said.