Site Lines inspired by Kilcunda’s history

A sculpture replicating historic lines from around Kilcunda has been installed on the foreshore opposite the Kilcunda Community Hall.

The new artwork, titled Site Lines, frames the town's iconic coastal view through a series of inter-connected sculptural forms.

Council commissioned the artwork as part of its commitment to public art around the Shire, and had worked with the Kilcunda community to design a piece significant to the area.

Artists, Bonnie Charles and Sarah Hicks from Bush Projects, designed the artwork so the viewpoints shift and change as one passes by, either by car or walking or riding past.

“The shapes within the work echo the layered history of Kilcunda’s settlement and relate specifically to key themes nominated by the local community; the historical industries of mining and rail yard infrastructure and agriculture,” Ms Hicks said.

“The outlines in the work reference structures from the town's local historic industries, merging together to generate multiple associations - a circle appears as both the wheel of a mining tipple and a rising sun above a house or shed for instance - allowing for the viewer’s imagination to assemble their own personal meanings and understandings of the work.

“A local resident familiar with the mining landscape may instantly recognise the shape of a mining tipple - a structure used to load coal for transport, typically into railroad hopper cars, while others may see the familiar cross bracing of the local iconic bridge.”

The completion of the public art project will be celebrated with a public event later this month.