Bass Coast,

Smarter Street Lights Save $80K


Bass Coast Shire Council’s project to upgrade over 2,500 residential street lights with energy efficient globes is now complete.

The Sustainable Street-lighting Project saw new T5 fluorosecent bulbs, which are 60 per cent more efficient, replace older style street lights. A total of 183 energy saving lights were also installed in residential estates where decorative lights were found.

Councillor Bradley Drew said the new bulbs have also increased lighting quality, with light being directed towards the ground where it is needed, rather than up into the sky.

“This project will save Council more than $80,000 per year in electricity and maintenance costs, as well as reduce our greenhouse emissions by at least 800 tonnes per year,” Cr Drew said.

“The Sustainable Street-lighting Project is a key action in Council’s transition to a low carbon future. The project directly relates to delivering the Council Plan 2013-17 by reducing the organisations internally generated emissions.”

Cr Drew commented these are the type of outcomes that Council values, where both the ratepayers and the environment benefit.

“Not only are the new lights more sustainable, but the lighting will improve safety for both drivers and pedestrians.”

Council worked in partnership with South Gippsland Shire Council to purchase the lights and undertake the installation work.

The works were jointly funded by Council and the Federal Government.