Soccer Club Celebrates Newhaven Reserve Renewal

Phillip Island Soccer Club will be kicking off the soccer season on newly refurbished grounds, following the completion of Bass Coast Shire Council’s $305,000 sportsground drainage works on Newhaven Reserve.

Scheduled to be completed in April 2015, the drainage works have already commenced.

The funding is a result of a joint contribution from Council ($190,000), Sports and Recreation Victoria ($100,000) and the Phillip Island Soccer Club ($15,000).

Ward Councillor, Bradley Drew Cr Drew said the works at Newhaven Reserve will include the installation of a new subsurface drainage system that will provide significant improvements to the drainage capabilities of the ground.

“When rainfall patterns returned to normal after 10 years of drought conditions, Council identified drainage issues at a number of sportsgrounds and Newhaven Reserve was identified as one of a number of grounds for Council to address,” Cr Drew said.

“In the past flooding has meant the cancellation of matches and training sessions.

“Other users of the Reserve, including the Phillip Island Cricket Club and nearby schools, have also been affected by the poor drainage and will benefit from the drainage works.”

Phillip Island Soccer Club President Daren Dempsey said he is extremely grateful to Council for its support in developing Newhaven Reserve.

“With the completed drainage works we are assured of having a fantastic playing surface for the whole season regardless of the weather,” said Mr Dempsey.

Mr Dempsey said the Club, which currently has over 120 players with ages ranging from under seven to seniors, believes the better ground conditions will also provide an incentive to attract new players and members and improve spectator viewing.