Phillip Island,

Stay Informed On Sunset Strip

Bass Coast Shire Council’s community engagement sessions with property owners in Sunset Strip on Phillip Island have instigated a lot of conversation in the community.

Council held the sessions in March to discuss drainage, traffic and road safety issues with residents.

The results from these sessions can be found on an interactive map on Council’s website, with ‘hot spots’ identifying concerns raised and Council’s response relating to the issues.

McHaffie Ward Councillor, Kimberley Brown, said Council is dedicated to keeping the community up-to-date on any information regarding the project, as well as making sure people were informed with correct details.

 “Unfortunately, sometimes information spread around the community can be incorrect or misleading,” Cr Brown said.

“Council has not yet made a decision on how a project of this nature within the Sunset Strip area would be funded.

“Only when Council has made a formal resolution at a future Council meeting will it be known how a future upgrade to road and drainage infrastructure in the Sunset Strip area will be funded.

“It is true that in the past, Council has used special charge schemes to fund these types of projects, such as in Cape Woolamai West and the Pine Avenue Churchill Drive Area, Cowes.”

Cr Brown said at this stage, Council has not committed to the upgrade of any infrastructure within the Sunset Strip area, and it is unknown what the cost of project in the Sunset Strip area would be, as a concept design has not been developed.

“Recent projects completed by Council were estimated at $14,000 per property for the South Dudley area and $15,000 for Pine Avenue Estate,” Cr Brown said.

“The project in the South Dudley area has been delivered and the costs of this project came in under the estimated costs, and this means that a refund is due to the property owners within South Dudley.”

Cr Brown acknowledged that road and drainage upgrades can raise some concern among residents, such as changing the character of the estate.

“The existing amenity and feel of the area doesn’t have to be destroyed simply because a road is upgraded,” Cr Brown said.

“Improving the estate’s roads and drains whilst maintaining the rural and beachy nature of the estate can be achieved through good streetscape design, including vegetation and landscaping, informed by active community consultation.”

Council no longer has a dust suppressant program and Cr Brown said the suggestion that it does is incorrect.

“The current roads treated by a dust seal within the estate, such as Sunset Drive, Happy Valley Drive, Back Beach Road Service Road, Bermagui Crescent and Panorama Drive, are being monitored.”

“When these roads have reached a condition beyond routine maintenance they will be returned to crushed rock roads for road safety and maintenance reasons,” Cr Brown said.

“Council made this decision last year and some roads in Pioneer Bay, Dalyston and Wonthaggi have already been returned back to crushed rock roads.

“Roads in Sunset Strip that are beyond maintenance repair are likely to be returned to their original unsealed state within the next few years.”

If you would like up to date and correct information, visit Council’s website at or call Council’s Infrastructure Projects Team on 1300 BCOAST (226 278).