Bass Coast,

Stay safe and save your seat


The Bass Coast Community Road Safety Committee is urging community members and visitors to be safe when driving in Bass Coast during the busy summer period.

“With only a few days left before Christmas, life gets busy and we are encouraging all drivers to keep paying attention across Bass Coast during the holiday period,” Sergeant Jason Hullick officer in charge of the Bass Coast Highway Patrol in Wonthaggi, said.

“We urge everyone to join the ‘Save My Seat’ safe driver campaign.

“We want as many people as possible to make a commitment to friends and family to take care on the roads over the holiday period so they can be all sitting together at the Christmas table next year.”

The ‘Save My Seat’ campaign was developed by Sergeant Hullick.

“When drivers get behind the wheel of the car, we want them to take a moment to think about their loved ones and what actions they can take to be a safer driver,” Sgt Hullick said.

There are a number of things to consider when driving in Bass Coast during the summer,

Summer usually brings two of our favourite things – sunshine and holidays – so Council’s Acting General Manager Healthy Communities and Governance, Antoinette Mitchell, said there’s no surprise there are lots of visitors and an abundance of events happening around Bass Coast to keep everyone entertained.

“Whether it’s Christmas Carols, New Years Eve or night markets, there’s nothing worse than sitting in traffic knowing that you’re missing out on all the fun, so it doesn’t hurt to plan ahead to ensure you arrive on time,” Ms Mitchell said.

“Getting stuck in traffic can be frustrating, but remember the only behaviour you can control is your own.”

When travelling during peak times:

  • Be patient, courteous to others and enjoy the scenery.
  • Make sure you allow plenty of time for travel, especially when driving long distances, and are travelling with children, pets – or both!
  • Ensure you pack enough food, water and entertainment, and plan plenty of opportunities to stop, get out and stretch your legs.
  • Finally, the summer sun is hot, so try to avoid travelling in the middle of the day when temperatures are at their highest.

“Comply with all road rules, put a seatbelt on, slow down and arrive at your destination safely,” Sgt Hullick said.

The Bass Coast Community Road Safety Committee is reminding people that everybody has a key role to play in preventing death and serious injury on the road.