Bass Coast,

Summer break over for school zones


The summer school holidays are almost over for another year, with students returning to school on Tuesday, 31 January.

So along with washing school uniforms and packing lunchboxes, school zones are also back in force and Bass Coast Shire Council is asking all motorists to observe 40km/h speed limits around the Shire.

Bass Coast Mayor, Cr Pamela Rothfield, said after a six week break, it is vital for all motorists to start slowing down around schools again.

“There will be lots of new students and new families using the crossings at schools, especially our new Preps, so please be considerate and patient,” Cr Rothfield said.

“Please also observe parking restrictions around schools to help keep visibility clear and pedestrians safe. Some of our school children are only small, which means they can be difficult to see when walking out from behind parked cars.”

Council’s Community Safety Rangers and Victoria Police Officers will be present at various school crossings across Bass Coast to reinforce the importance of school safety and making sure motorists are doing the right thing.

Cr Rothfield also encouraged parents and student to, where they can, walk to school.

“Walking to school is not only a great way to stay active and teach your children how to walk along foothpaths and cross roads safely, but also means less cars parked around schools and driving through school crossings in the mornings and afternoons,” Cr Rothfield said.

“With many students across Bass Coast already choosing to walk to school, we’re also reminding motorists to keep an eye out for children crossing roads throughout towns as well – not only at school crossings.”

Things to remember when driving around school zones are to:

  • Be patient. Leaving home five minutes earlier can avoid unnecessary speeding and frustrations around 40km school zones.

  • Take extra caution in wet weather, allowing plenty of time to stop at a crossing

  • Don’t be distracted whilst driving, especially using a mobile phone

  • Look out for children entering and exiting parked cars around schools

  • Observe parking restrictions and time limits around schools