Phillip Island,

Sunset Strip Concept Plans Get The Go Ahead

Bass Coast Shire Council will proceed to the planning phase of the Sunset Strip Road and Drainage Upgrade.

Council decided to develop concept plans and cost estimates for the project after considering all the data from a recent survey to property owners, in conjunction with various Council policies and objectives.

Council Mayor and McHaffie Ward Councillor, Kimberley Brown emphasised that even if the property owners chose not to go ahead with an upgrade, concept plans for Sunset Strip would not be money wasted.

“We understand the majority of the community who have responded to our surveys aren’t willing to pay for a special charge scheme,” Cr Brown said.

“Those plans, however, can be used to support potential funding applications to Melbourne Water or VicRoads for drainage or major intersection improvements raised by the Sunset Strip community,” Cr Brown said.

Cr Brown said many of the 60 road, drainage and safety issues raised by residents at a community session in March 2014 could only be addressed through upgrades.

“We anticipate concept plans will be prepared for three alternative projects; underground drainage across the whole estate; road improvements for the highly utilised roads as well as underground drainage, and; road and drainage improvements for the whole estate,” Cr Brown said.

“Any concept plans would be prepared based on the outcomes from the traffic strategy and local area traffic management plan now complete, as well as the outcomes of the drainage strategy.”

Cr Brown said the plans would also consider comments from the community as part of the community sessions.

“Based on the comments received, a draft landscape plan will also be prepared, which will offer property owners an idea of what the streetscape may look like as part of any upgrade,” Cr Brown said.

“This will directly address the views raised by some in the area that the amenity will be adversely impacted.”

Cr Brown also assured the community that moving onto the development of Sunset Strip concept plans would not impact on the commencement of the next potential road and drainage upgrade in Pioneer Bay.

“These projects, being in different stages of development, can be carried out concurrently,” Cr Brown said.