Bass Coast,

Take care on our busy streets

As we head in to this busy summer period, the Bass Coast Community Road Safety Committee are reminding drivers and pedestrians to share the road and take care in the increased traffic conditions.

Chair of the Committee, Cr Bruce Kent, said pedestrians should choose safe places to cross roads.

“Safe places to cross are where you can see clearly in both directions and can be seen by approaching traffic. Pedestrians should then cross the road by the shortest or most direct route,” Cr Kent said.

“Walking routes should be planned ahead to include marked pedestrian crossings wherever possible.”

If no marked crossing is available, pedestrians should look for places with kerb extensions, median strips or pedestrian refuges to make crossings safer. It is not safe to cross between parked cars, and pedestrians should keep clear of roadside objects such as signs, bus shelters or bushes.

“As pedestrians, it is important to make it easier for drivers and riders to see us as well as making sure we can see all approaching traffic,” Cr Kent said.

It is an offence to cross the road within 20 metres of a pedestrian crossing, to not cross by the shortest or most direct route or to cause a traffic hazard by moving into the path of a vehicle.

The committee also urge drivers and riders to watch for pedestrians and be prepared for the unexpected, such as people crossing near bends or crests and suddenly emerging from behind parked cars or roadside objects.

At intersections without traffic lights, drivers are required to give way to pedestrians crossing the road the driver is turning into.

“Pedestrians should not take it for granted however that the driver will stop. As a pedestrian you should check that drivers have seen you, make eye contact, and be sure that they will give way,” Cr Kent said.