San Remo,

The Dangers of Rock Fishing

Rock fishing is considered to be Australia’s most dangerous aquatic sport. According to Surf Life Saving Australia, there are around 8 rock fishing related deaths each year in Australia.

This is something that is known all too well to Jasmina Pedic, who lost her father in a rock fishing incident on 9 May 2006. In memory of her father, Jasmina will “run to save a life”, to raise awareness about the dangers of the sport.

On the anniversary of her father’s death, Jasmina will complete a 95km run from her home in Dandenong to the spot where her father was swept from the rocks in San Remo. Jasmina has set herself this challenge with the aim to highlight the dangers of rock fishing with the hope that other families will not have to suffer in the same way as her family.

Jasmina is scheduled to arrive in San Remo at 2.30pm. Her arrival will be followed by an informal welcome ceremony at the Punchbowl Coastal Reserve with speeches by Councillor Kimberley Brown, Victoria Police and Jasmina herself.

In addition to raising awareness, Jasmina is showing her support for the remarkable work that Life Saving Victoria do with an aim to raise $5000 for Life Saving Victoria. Life Saving Victoria's mission is to prevent aquatic related death and injury in all Victorian communities and has the vision that all Victorians will learn water safety, swimming and resuscitation, and be provided with safe aquatic environments and venues.

The funds that Jasmina is raising for Life Saving Victoria will assist them to implement education, surveillance and rescue, training, and aquatic risk management services.

Council, in partnership with Parks Victoria, Victoria Police and Phillip Island Nature Park, actively promotes marine safety throughout the shire. Both signage and an angel ring were installed at site following the death of Jasmina’s father, and Council and Parks Victoria deter people from rock fishing at all dangerous locations.

To show your support for Jasmina Pedic and Life Saving Victoria please visit Jasmina’s fund raising page