Bass Coast,

Unsecured Loads Cause Roadside Littering


Motorists with unsecured loads using Bass Coast roads need to take caution, with a number of fines issued recently for roadside litter.

A Phillip Island resident made a litter report to Bass Coast Shire Council about a truck he was driving behind on Phillip Island Road that had an unsecured load.

The resident said he was driving behind the truck from Cowes to Surf Beach, with pieces of foam and plastic sheeting flying off the back of the truck on to the road the whole way.

The owner of the truck, a Mount Eliza construction and demolition company, was fined $295 as a result.

Another business – this time a local scrap metal haulage company – was also fined $295 when it was caught with an unsealed load causing littering recently.

Council’s Litter Prevention and Waste Education Officer was travelling on Bass Highway behind a truck carting empty aluminium cans in open-top cages when they witnessed waste scrap metal items come off the truck on multiple occasions between Wonthaggi and Dalyston.

The Officer said the 4WD directly behind the truck had to slow down or swerve a number of times to avoid running over or being hit by falling waste items.

The two companies were also issued a Litter Abatement Notice, which lasts for three years and requires them to take specific actions to prevent litter in the future.

The penalty infringement for breaching a Litter Abatement Notice is $1,181.

Mayor, Cr Neil Rankine, said Council is serious about preventing roadside litter.

“Unsecured items from utes, trailers and trucks represent a large proportion of all roadside litter in our Shire,” Cr Rankine said.

“Hauling loads is the core job of transport businesses, so companies should know how to make sure their loads are safely restrained and secured so items don’t fall on to the road and create safety or environmental hazards.

“Victoria has nearly 50,000 community members who are registered litter reporters, so the chance of unsecured loads being reported to a litter authority is greater than ever.”

To make a litter report, call Council on 1300 226 278 (BCOAST) or (03) 5671 2211, or use EPA Victoria’s free ‘Litter Reporter’ app for smartphones.