Update on Ayr Creek lagoon

Conditions at Ayr Creek in Inverloch are currently being monitored as a result of the natural closure of the Creek and formation of the lagoon.

As the Creek water has stagnated, algae forms and the hot weather can cause the creek to smell.

Given the concerns raised by residents the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has been notified and asked to test nutrient levels which may be contributing to current conditions.

Bass Coast Shire Councillor, Julian Brown, said the feature has formed due to a huge amount of sand depositing in this area.

“The lagoon is constantly changing in shape and size. I would have hoped that this feature would have disappeared by now through natural processes,” Cr Brown said.

“That may still occur, but it is difficult to know when this would be as it depends on the creek water level, sand movement and movement of the tides.

“Councillors are aware of residents concern with this matter and believe that council should advocate strongly on their behalf and work with the relevant authorities."

Council has been in contact with the West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority, who is the responsible authority for Ayr Creek, to discuss the issue and options for an artificial opening.

To complicate matters further, Hooded Plovers have decided to set up camp right where works would have to take place.

Councillor Brown added that part of the problem is if remedial works were undertaken, there is no guarantee a new channel wouldn’t be closed off again by movement of the sand.

Council will continue to monitor the status of the lagoon and will provide further updates when they are available.