Bass Coast,

Weaving a new website


Building a great website involves extensive user research and testing to make sure it’s done right. Bass Coast Shire Council are calling out to their users – you – to find out what they need to consider as they plan their new website.

The current Bass Coast website has over 800 pages, and users often find it difficult to find what they are looking for and complete tasks online. Consolidating and mapping all of Council’s information into a new website will require thorough research and consultation with users.

Bass Coast Shire Mayor, Cr Pamela Rothfield, explained that the new website will provide an important and helpful community resource.

“The community need to be able to access information and complete tasks quickly and easily. Enabling a smooth online process via a well developed website means we will be making the most of everyone’s resources and time,” Cr Rothfield said.

“Importantly, the new website needs to focus on the user and their needs. It should use common, community language and be orientated around the user and their reasons for visiting the website.”

You do not need any experience or specific skills to be involved in the website development workshops. Council encourage any community members with an interest in communications, or who are simply happy to volunteer some time, to represent their community.

If you have any feedback on the current website, or would like to be involved in a community workshop to brainstorm and develop plans for the new website, please email your interest or feedback to