Bass Coast,

Website Changes For The Better


Design changes to Bass Coast Shire Council’s website in the coming weeks will help people get to the most frequently visited pages more quickly and make the site more accessible to people with a disability.

Mayor, Cr Kimberley Brown, said these updates are an important part of making sure Council’s website is performing well, and are the first changes to the site in five years.

“The goal of any website is to get the visitor to the information they came for as quickly as possible. The research we’ve done for our website shows that this isn’t always the case,” Cr Brown said.

“It’s also important that community members with disabilities like vision or hearing loss, as well as physical disabilities that might prevent them from using a mouse, are also able to access the website.

“These changes are a major step in working towards meeting the web industry’s standards.”

Cr Brown said the major visual change that people will notice is the menus will move from the top of the screen to the left hand side.

“This will happen in the next couple of weeks; then in May, the structure of the menus will change, with minor ongoing adjustments when research indicates it’s needed,” Cr Brown said.

“Another good outcome from these changes is that it’s the same website running the same software. We want to avoid the ‘boom and bust’ cycle that websites typically go through every four to five years, and the major expense that goes with it. Curating a website on a continual basis is a much better approach.”

Moving with the times, the changes also lay the foundation for a future project to make the site ‘mobile-friendly’.

“We noticed that during January, 53 per cent of people visiting the website were using mobile phones or tablets. For many people using these devices, it means they need to ‘pinch and zoom’ to read the pages clearly. Making the website mobile-friendly means the pages will scale properly to any screen size and be easy to read,” Cr Brown said.

“These changes to our website however are only the first step. We’ll need to look at how we achieve this in the coming year or two.”

For more information contact Council’s Web Communications Officer, Steve Fuery on 1300 BCOAST (226 278) or (03) 5671 2211.