Wheels In Motion For Bike Ed Instructors


Bass Coast has 11 new Bike Ed Instructors after local teachers, volunteers and Wonthaggi Police Officers completed courses at Bass Valley Primary School in April.

The Bass Coast Community Road Safety Committee held the two-day course and half-day reaccreditation course to assist schools with the implementation of their cycling programs, funded through the VicRoads Safe Cycling program.

“Bike Ed programs are typically aimed at Grade 4 to 6 students, with an emphasis on developing the skills of balance and control, as well as knowledge of how road systems work, including road rules and sharing the road with other vehicles,” Committee chair, Bass Coast Shire Councillor Andrew Phillips, said.

“Activities start off in the classroom, progressing to learning skills in the schoolyard. The emphasis is on safety, with students having to demonstrate an adequate skill level before taking to the road.”

Once on the road, Cr Phillips said students are expected to scan regularly and signal clearly in order to be totally aware of the traffic around them, and to ensure other road users know what the riders are about to do.

“Bass Coast schools have a strong record of delivering high level road safety programs,” Cr Phillips said.

“This has evolved through co-operation between school staff, volunteers from the local community, Victoria police and Council.”