Wonthaggi Reserve Under Lights



The Wonthaggi Recreation Reserve has been lit up with the official opening of the new lighting project held on Friday, 26 June.

The $227,000 project was courtesty of Bass Coast Shire Council, Wonthaggi Power Football Netball Club and the State Government as part of an election commitment from the former Member for Bass, Honourable Ken Smith MLA.

At the opening, Hovell Ward Councillor, Neil Rankine, said the lighting project will greatly improve the facility.

“These lights now provide the ground with well-lit facilities which not only meet the Australian Standards for night time competition, but exceed the 100Lux level and have achieved a light level of over 130Lux,” Cr Rankine said.

“Training for the users of this ground has become a lot more productive as result of the lighting and the safety and skill development has improved as a result of the installation of these lights.”

With the project commencing more than five years ago, Cr Rankine congratulated everyone involved for their determination and persistence to see it through.

“I would particularly like to acknowledge the Wonthaggi Power Football Netball Club and applaud them for their attention to detail and in making sure that the lights installed would really make a difference at this ground,” Cr Rankine said.

“I would like to recognise the contribution of All Sports Lighting who installed the lights and who have provided a high quality product.

“I hope these lights provide the opportunity for many players and spectators to enjoy the recreation and sport at this ground.”

Additional Lights At Wonthaggi Reserve

Wonthaggi’s Noel ‘Butch’ West Oval is also now lit up thanks to a partnership between local clubs and Council.

The oval is home to Wonthaggi United Soccer Club and used by Wonthaggi Workmens, Glen Alvie and OMK Cricket Clubs along with local schools.

Working with Council’s Recreation Team, Wonthaggi United Soccer Club President, Michaela Tong, is delighted to now have lighting for the club and other users

“This is a massive improvement for our club,” Ms Tong said.

“For many years, we have trained in sub-standard conditions under the lighting of a trailer unit. Now we can have multiple sides training at once in a safe, suitable area.”

The project was completed through contributions from Wonthaggi United Soccer Club and Council, and will allow other community groups access to the lit oval.

According to Bass Coast Mayor, Cr Kimberley Brown, the recent growth of soccer requires groups and Council to be resourceful when planning for facility development.

“Soccer is an emerging sport in Bass Coast. This partnership displayed great thinking and practical use of neglected equipment from the upgraded lighting project at Recreation Oval 1, and the existing Recreation Oval 2 equipment that was otherwise earmarked for removal,” Cr Brown said.

“These lighting towers and lights will now continue to be a great asset to the community.”