Bass Coast,

Working together to reduce emissions

Bass Coast Shire Council have agreed to work towards a community greenhouse gas emissions target, following a motion put forward by Cr Michael Whelan at last week’s Ordinary Council Meeting.

Cr Whelan’s motion clarified the intent of Council’s existing emissions reduction strategy, and confirmed the commitment to achieving the community wide target. Bass Coast’s Council Plan 2017-21 currently commits to reducing emissions by 50 per cent compared to 2009/10 emissions, by the year 2025.

Cr Whelan explained that the benchmark data for 2009/10 only covers corporate data and therefore Council is determining a community wide benchmark based on the 2017/18 year to enable it to set a meaningful emissions reduction target.

“The Plan clearly seeks to reduce community wide emissions. To achieve this Council needs to work cooperatively with businesses and community groups in a similar way as was envisaged in the Plastic-Free policy adopted by Council in November,” Cr Whelan said.

Bass Coast Mayor, Cr Brett Tessari commended the community of Phillip Island for leading the way in reducing community emissions.

“The collaboration with the Energy Innovation Co-Op to establish the Totally Renewable Phillip Island project and develop the Totally Renewable Towns is a great example of community leadership,” Cr Tessari said.

 “Through this comprehensive community based approach, a close rapport has been developed with the major energy users on the Island, as well as the electricity distribution company AusNet Services.”

Council is currently undertaking a project to establish a baseline for community emissions and will continue to support the development of a ‘Totally Renewable Towns’ model in two areas of the Shire. Cr Whelan’s motion highlighted the importance of supporting the Totally Renewable Phillip Island Project.