Cape Paterson,

'Yes' Or 'No' Not Enough On Cape Decision

The current submission process for the Cape Paterson Special Charge Scheme is an important step in the consultation process and is much more than a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ matter.

Property owners should take this opportunity to provide a submission and include their comments and views on the proposed scheme whether they support, object or are indifferent to it.

This is a formal process and is the only formal opportunity for property owners to make submissions and/or communicate their support or objection for the Scheme.

Mayor, Cr Neil Rankine, said the legislated submission process requires Council to consider submissions, and consider these should the project go ahead.

"The submission process does not determine the level of support, but allows those included within the scheme the right to object to the proposal,” Mr Rankine said.

“This is an important consultative step in the process whereby the opinions of property owners can be considered for further modifcations to the proposed scheme.

“Council has an obligation to both objectors and supporters to enable the submission process to run its course.

“The formal process enables all property owners to make their own written submission regardless of whether they are in favour or against the proposal. It’s important that each property owner makes a written submission detailing any concerns, preferences or views,” Mr Rankine said.

“If the level of objection doesn’t reach over 50 per cent, the Committee of Council can consider any concerns voiced in the submissions, which may be included into the fnal design. On the other hand, if you object with a single ‘no’, any concerns or particular issues you may have cannot be addressed should the Scheme eventuate.

“For example, if you object to the scheme because you’re not happy with the position of your driveway, include that in your submission. Then, if the scheme goes ahead, your concerns about the position of your driveway will be considered in the fnal design.”

If the submission states that a property owner objects to the scheme as it has been proposed, then it will be considered an objection to the scheme.

Mr Rankine said it was also important for property owners to understand that if the Scheme doesn’t go ahead, council has a priority list for schemes in other parts of the Shire.

“If the majority of the property owners object to the Cape Paterson scheme and it does not go ahead, the money council has allocated to this scheme will be reallocated to other projects in other areas of the Shire – not in Cape Paterson.”

Bass Coast Shire Council is aware there are some misunderstandings in the community regarding the Cape Paterson Special Charge Scheme.

It is important, therefore, that property owners are provided correct and balanced information on the Scheme so that every property owner has the opportunity to make an educated decision about their own specifc situation.

Council has prepared documents for any property owners still unsure about any details of the Scheme.

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