Bass Coast,

Your Library Needs You…And Your Lego

Media release courtesy of West Gippsland Regional Library Coorporation

Reunite your old, neglected, dusty Lego with a new generation of children.

This February, Bass Coast Libraries are launching “The Big Bass Coast Library Lego Appeal” and its aim is to pull together enough Lego to top up the existing collection so Lego Clubs can run more frequently and further afield in Inverloch and Phillip Island Libraries.

Since an appeal across West Gippsland last year, children at Bass Coast’s Principal Library, in Wonthaggi, have been lucky enough to have two Lego Clubs a month, but staff and parents would like other Bass Coast children to have the same opportunity, and more. Principal Librarian, Colin Waring, explained “West Gippslanders have been amazingly generous, and since last year’s appeal we have had half a dozen large boxes of Lego travelling between Warragul, Leongatha, Drouin and Wonthaggi. But now it’s time to take the next step.”

Most adults will remember the fascination of attaching one small, coloured plastic brick to another, and the popularity of the Wonthaggi Lego Club has shown that modern children love it just as much, even in an age of computer games. This is where the Bass Coast Appeal comes in. By donating unloved, unused Lego to the Bass Coast libraries, residents can help the libraries start up more regular Lego Clubs across Bass Coast Shire.

“It’s easy”, said Colin “If you have a box of once loved Lego sitting unused in a cupboard somewhere at home, simply drop it off at Wonthaggi, Inverloch or Phillip Island libraries, and as if by magic, you’ll be able to watch weekly Lego Clubs spring up.”

The appeal is up and running now. If anybody has a box of bricks, however big or small, that they can’t get to their library, simply telephone Wonthaggi Library on 5672 1875 and Colin will arrange for it to be collected.

For more information on Lego Clubs, dates, times and locations visit