Bass Coast,

Youth Advocacy Group Gives Title The FLIC


What is FLIC? FLIC is a dedicated group of young people that met on Thursday, 20 June to explore some of the issues facing young people in Bass Coast and began exploring some of the key components involved in engaging young people. One of the highlights of the evening was the unanimous vote taken to secure the new name of the advocacy group, Future Leaders Influencing our Community (FLIC).

Thursday night’s meeting highlighted the importance of focusing on improving young peoples’ ability to get involved and create more opportunities for one another.  After looking at the results of recent consultations and discussions with young people, FLIC will work toward an improved attitude between and towards young people in Bass Coast.

FLIC members discussed the importance of mobilising the voice of young people. Julian Barnard discussed the importance of returning to community values, whilst fellow future leader, Dylan Buchan, pointed out that high levels of boredom and indifference were becoming far too common in Bass Coast. This was followed by Damian Justice, who pointed out that negativity can be contagious.

FLIC will be involved in the:

  • development of a youth engagement toolkit for Bass Coast Shire Council
  • delivery of youth engagement workshops to staff
  • decision making processes with regards issues impacting on young people
  • collection of data relating to young people within Bass Coast
  • Youth Leadership Training Opportunities
  • creating youth engagement tools for Bass Coast
  • a provide a voice for the young people of Bass Coast

Bass Coast Shire Council recognises their contribution to creating a Youth Engagement Toolkit is vital.

“We are fortunate to have some very highly skilled members in our group; some of these skills include leadership, graphic design and report writing,” Acting Community and Economic Director, Antoinette Mitchell, said.

 “Together, this group of young people can create the change they would like to see in our community and work towards creating a toolkit that will benefit everybody in Bass Coast.”

FLIC members include; Danielle Paulson, Thomas I’Anson, Damian Justice, Stephanie Byrne, Kat Cox, Damian Justice, Dylan Buchan, Jess Paulson, Steph Byrne, Julian Barnard, and Saxon Taylor.

FLIC is destined to have a positive impact in Bass Coast.

If you have any questions or are interested in joining, please contact Council’s Youth Planning and Policy Officer, on 1300 BCOAST (226 278) or email